{trephin} (tref-fin) N 1. A small meeting place to release pressure from the brain. 2. A team dedicated to helping individuals refine their beauty.

About Us

A laid back oasis in the vibrant heart of Downtown Boston. Trephin welcomes you with warmth and wows you with its unique, comfortable style. Here, you’ll enjoy the latest trends and the highest level of service. Owner Nathan Knowles shares with you and the team over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.

At Trephin the team begins by listening, the start to all great relationships. Because beyond all things beauty we build a bond by putting you in the center of the creative process. Trust that no matter what service you’re coming in for, you will leave empowered and the best version of yourself.

Our Products

  • R+Co Product Line
  • Cult + King
  • Hotheads Hair Extensions